10 Years and Counting… Our Facebook Journey

It may seem like longer, but Facebook recently celebrated its 10th Birthday. With over 1.2 billion users worldwide it is by far the biggest social network on the planet.

The Beginning

TheFacebook – as it was originally known – was founded in 2004 by a then unknown Harvard University student named Mark Zuckerberg. His sole intention was to create a new type of social network that allowed people to connect with the people they care about more easily. Even he would never have been able to imagine just how big an impact his creation would have, not just on people, but businesses and organisations all over the world.

Social Marketing

For years Facebook was the goto place for sharing stories and photos with your friends and family. But the biggest change was yet to come; the introduction of Facebook Pages. Facebook Pages allowed not just people, but companies to have their own profile that people could follow. This meant that brands suddenly had the power to fill people’s feeds directly with targeted marketing. The beauty, of course, being that everyone who sees the content will have opted in, producing highly relevant and targeted ads that lead to high user-engagement.

Now Facebook is the centre for the majority of brand marketing campaigns, and coupled with a well-organised Twitter account, has the power to reach far more people than any traditional marketing campaign ever could.

The Mishaps…

One mistake, however, that will most likely haunt Facebook until it’s last days is allowing Twitter to grow as fast as it did without reacting more swiftly. Had they known the potential of Twitter it is certain that Facebook would have brought out an alternative. Who knows what would have happened then…

With this in mind, having failed to attract enough users to its internal messaging service – also available as a separate smartphone app called “Messenger” – Facebook have recently purchased mobile messaging service WhatsApp for £11billion. It seems they will pay almost anything to avoid having a potential contender or risk a possible drop in its active users… It’s interesting whether people will be as quick to use the service now they know Facebook can read their every word… By the way, did you know that Facebook read your private messages to serve you relevant ads on your news feed?

What’s Next?

So much has happened, and so much has evolved over the 10 year life of Facebook. And t’s very exciting to wonder what the next 10 years holds for social networks. Will Facebook still dominate the market, or will a young new social network come into the ranks?

So what’s all this SnapChat I’ve been hearing about recently?

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