8 Steps to Starting Your Social Media Campaign

1. Choose a few accounts and stick to them

There are various different social networks out there, each with the power to propel your brand beyond what you ever dreamed possible through social media. It is advisable to choose just a few at the early stages and really focus on them with the time you have, rather than trying to manage too many all at once. Two or three well-managed social media accounts will grow your brand far quicker than five or six neglected ones.

2. Ensure brand consistency

It’s important for your brand to be instantly recognisable. Making your social network profiles match your website will increase brand recognition and trust within your clients and prospective customers. If using multiple editors with a single account, ensure a single voice is used among all your posts. This will enforce your brand identity.

3. Be active!

Social media can be an extremely powerful way of promoting your business. That said, simply having accounts won’t do much on its own. Be active and regularly post relevant topics to your followers. This will keep them interested and ensure your brand stays top of mind. Dormant accounts are potentially more harmful to your brand than having none at all.

4. Don’t over-post

Finding a balance between posting regularly and not over-posting can be quite tricky. Constantly bombarding your followers with posts will become annoying eventually and will dissuade them from engaging with your brand. General rule of thumb is to post a few times a day with interesting material. The more interesting your posts, the more your potential customers will engage with your social media profiles, and your brand.

5. Post Relevant Topics

Knowing what to post is the hardest part of any social media campaign. Chances are your followers will be looking for a range of different types of material. Most successful profiles find a balance between industry-relevant posts, interesting posts and amusing posts. The right balance will be different for every organisation and it’s up to you to find the right one for you. Try out a few posts and see what works. In time it will become clear what your followers are engaging with the most.

6. Use images and video

Try to use images and video within many of your posts. It has been proven that there is nearly a 100% increase in user-engagement when using an image over just text. It catches the eye and draws the user in. Use this to your advantage by showing off your beautiful imagery whilst driving increasing customer-engagement at the same time!

7. Connect with others

Social Media is about connecting with others and engaging in conversation. A one-way profile won’t get much attention from your industry. You can easily engage with others by retweeting their accounts. Maybe ask questions,  or reply to others’. This way you are starting conversations and giving your potential customers a way to interact with your brand that they otherwise wouldn’t have had.

8. Have fun!

When done right Social Media can be very rewarding, so get ready and enjoy the journey.

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