How to Maximise your Brand Potential Online

No matter what size your business, whether small or large, maximising your brand’s online potential is a careful balancing act. We believe there are a few key ingredients you need for increasing sales generated by your online presence. Attract new customers The first step is to seek out new customers. There are many ways you…

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Is your Website Secure?

For most businesses, having a ‘secure’ website is not usually something that is often considered. Unless, of course, you are running an e-commerce website or taking confidential customer data. Recently, however, the need to secure your website has become a more pressing requirement. With the news of Apple iCloud’s hacking, and other large company data…

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10 Reasons Google Analytics Could Benefit Your Company Website

It’s nice to have a great looking, great functioning website, but it’s just as important to understand how people use it. This is an often-forgotten, ever-evolving and ongoing process. It is an integral insight that will help you to mould, adapt and tailor your website to the people who are visiting it. Google Analytics is…

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Should My Company Have a Blog? – Pros and Cons

Deciding to have your very own company blog is both exciting and daunting at the same time. It can open new avenues for your business that you may never have known even existed. Advantages There are lots of reasons why a blog could be beneficial for your business. It expresses who you are – Having…

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What is Google+ and Why Should I Use It?

What is Google+? Google+ is a social network launched by Google in 2011. Initially it received widespread criticism, much of which slating the company for creating a Facebook clone. Despite this, Google+ is now the second largest social network in the world; larger than Twitter even. What’s the connection? Google have integrated Google+ into their…

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SEO – The Truth About Your Search Rankings

SEO - The Truth About Your Search Rankings

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a term used by both agencies and clients. It’s effectively just a posh way of saying they want their site at the top of google search results.

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