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Kuato Studios are an educational games development company that turn entertaining games into opportunities to learn. They develop games for iPad and Android tablets that students can download and play. The games require you to learn and write your own computer programming code and use your own intuition to perform various tasks. It’s challenging and fun at the same time with the added bonus of teaching players a valuable new skill as they play.

What they needed

Kuato Studios’ inventory of games is increasing and as such they required a website that they could use to showcase these games to students and teachers around the world. As they make their games for tablets they knew having a website that could be accessible on all mobile devices was especially important, and so this became one of their top priorities for the project.

What we delivered

Social Panda delivered a stunning new website that really shows off the magnificent games made by Kuato Studios. The website has been meticulously designed and developed to look and work great on devices of all sizes. With ever-increasing numbers of people accessing the internet from phones and tablets this was absolutely essential. Students can come directly to the website, browse the games, download them and start playing. Teachers also have the ability to download educational game packs, which provide comprehensive game guides and lesson ideas.


In addition to their games showcase, the new website boasts an animating ‘About-Us’ infographic that utilises the latest in web technologies. This infographic helps to engage users and puts a lot of Kuato Studios’ personality into the website.

There is also an active blog where students and teachers can keep up to date with the latest goings on at the studio and in the classroom. Also housed within the website are links to all the various social networks associated with both the company and the games they create.

How we did it

The meeting

Before starting any design work we feel it is important to get a full understanding of our client’s requirements. All websites are different and the more time spent getting to know our clients and their business, the better end result we can produce.

Social Panda met with Kuato Studios towards the beginning of the year. We locked ourselves in a room and recorded all of Kuato’s requirements. What did they need from their new website? What were they trying to portray? Who was the website aimed at? Understanding the answers to these questions allowed us to tailor the website to its own unique set of goals and objectives.


Once we felt we had a good understanding of what was needed our next step was to sketch out some rough wireframes. There were no computers involved yet! Often this takes place on the back of a napkin in a coffee shop. We believe that a change in environment helps engage our creative thoughts and our inspiration starts to flow.



It is only at this point, when we believe we have everything fully mapped out, that we finally switch on our computers. Our design team gets to work and we convert our yorkshire-tea-sodden doodles and sketches into electronic wireframes. These wireframes outline the layout and functionality of the website and show how a user may navigate from one page to the next.

We took the wireframes to Kuato. A tweak here, a tweak there, and we had the base we needed to start our true creative phase: Conception.



This is the most exciting stage of any website development. We took everything we’d discussed and planned, and with the help of some creative inspiration, produced our first website design concepts. With a couple of back-and-forths with Kuato we finally landed on the perfect solution.



Once we agreed a final concept the build phase began. We developed the website using WordPress; a ‘Content Management System’ that allows website owners to update their website at any time.

The end result is a stunning new online presence for Kuato Studios, one that will bring young, keen gamers as well as teachers coming back, time and time again, to see what new and exciting innovations Kuato come up with next. Due to its responsive nature, the website can be enjoyed on almost any device, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

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