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Oxford International is one of the UK’s most successful student tours companies. In addition to their vast array of educational tours, Oxford International offer a wide variety of language courses in the UK, Canada and the USA.

What They Needed

Having been established for so many years, Oxford International’s website was starting to look dated. They wanted a website that would attract a new generation of students keen to learn, and one that would showcase their language schools and student tours in a more exciting and accessible way.

What We Delivered

The new website has the wow factor that they were after. It’s modern, colourful, clean and fresh. Built around the WordPress Content Management System, the new website is easily updated moving forwards, allowing the website to grow with the business.

It is also fully responsive, with a bespoke design that is tailored to adjust its layout according to the screen size that it is being viewed on. In this modern era with the majority of website views coming from mobile devices, this wasn’t just a nice-to-have, but an absolute must; especially with tech-savvy students being their target market.

How We Did It


Being just down the road we met with Oxford International on multiple occasions to discuss their requirements and desires in depth. We shared and discussed ideas, and from this, Oxford International were able to produce a very detailed brief outlining everything that they needed from their new website. As part of this process Social Panda always researches the latest technologies, and endeavours to utilise as many of these as possible when producing new websites.

The brief is arguably the most important step in any website process, and having a good rapport with our clients is something we pride ourselves on. This, along with careful collaboration, is what we believe produces not only the most accurate briefs, but also the most trusted and happy working relationships.


For all websites, regardless of size, we sketch out hand-drawn wireframes of each of its pages. This is an important step as it is often the first time the brief is really fully visualised. It makes it easy to highlight any potential issues that could become an issue further down the line.


Once we are happy, these are converted into electronic wireframes. We then use a tool called Invision, which allows us to transform our wireframes into a mini interactive website. Our clients find these incredible useful for visualising how their website will be laid out, as well as how it will function. It also allows for notes to be assigned against any area of the page, as well as provides the client with the ability to provide feedback directly into the document. This ability to collaborate gives the client the perfect opportunity to raise any concerns, or make any last minute requests before the time and cost of making amendments further down the line can easily get out of hand.


Producing a moodboard is an invaluable tool for any web design project. Our design team creates a collage of images, photos and logos. This helps to produce the look and feel of the company’s brand in a way that can be easily translated into a website design.


Design Concepts

With the help of a solid brief, constructive wireframes and a creative moodboard, the design team has all it needs to begin producing the first website design concept. Again we use Invision as the chosen tool for showcasing and collaboration with the client. We offer the client plenty of time to consider and request any amendments before development begins.

Oxford International were thrilled with the concepts, and after a few minor tweaks, were happy to sign them off so the build process could begin.



We use the latest technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, and tailor our websites to function across smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. They are usually all built using WordPress to produce modern, future-proof and scalable websites.

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